All about the teacup bulldog

The teacup bulldog is basically just a tiny version of the English bulldog.  The regular-sized English bulldog is about 45 to 55 pounds, so a teacup bulldog is much tinier than that.  Other than the size, teacup bulldogs are pretty much the same as the regular-sized English bulldogs, although the teacup bulldog does usually have a higher rate of health problems because of the method of breeding which leads to the tiny size of the teacup bulldog.  Breeders essentially pick the smallest dogs from each litter and breed them with other small dogs until they get the teacup size.

The English bulldog has very thick shoulders with thick folds of skin on the dog’s face.  The eyes are round and set wide across the face.  Usually the English bulldog comes in a mix of colors, especially with red flecks of color throughout.  Most English bulldogs are mixed colors.

English bulldogs look very much like the American bulldog and French bulldog, although the three breeds are very separate and distinct.  A trained eye can easily detect the differences among all three breeds.  The English bulldog traces its history to the 1500’s in the United Kingdom.  The breed’s name comes from the original use of the breed to bait bulls.  This is probably why you think of bulldogs as being very mean and ferocious animals.  They were also originally bred to be able to withstand any and all pain.  However, dog fighting became illegal in the United Kingdom in 1835, so the English bulldog didn’t need to be bred to be aggressive any more. 

Any misgivings you have about adopting a teacup bulldog because of aggression can be forgotten.  Breeders have been working for years to breed aggression out of the breed, so today’s bulldogs tend to be very sweet.

The English bulldog is well-known for its sad look, and its appearance betrays nothing of the wonderful personality most bulldogs have.  The bulldog tends to be a very friendly breed, and don’t let their stocky stature fool you.  They can run quite fast.  Another aspect of the English bulldog’s temperament is its tendency to be very stubborn.  They are almost at the bottom of Stanley Coren’s Intelligence of Dogs test, which basically means they can be very difficult to train.  However, with a lot of love and attention, you can certainly train your teacup bulldog to behave, just like any other dog. 

One bad thing about the English bulldog is its tendency to have hip problems.  This breed is the most likely to suffer from hip dysplasia, according to a study done by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.  Some English bulldogs are also prone cysts between their toes, although this is relatively a minor problem that can be treated easily by a veterinarian.

Overall, the teacup bulldog will make a great addition to any family.  Many of them are very good with children, and the teacup variety is certainly perfect for apartment dwellers or those who don’t have a lot of space.




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