Is The Teacup Cockapoo The Right Breed For You?

Dogs do not come much more adorable than the Teacup Cockapoo.  They are a hybrid dog, coming from a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel that entered the dog scene in the early 1950s.  These dogs are the result of a mistake breeding in the United States that resulted in such outgoing puppies that breeders decided to continue pursuing this mix to create a dog that is now in high demand today.


A Teacup Cockapoo weighs less than five pounds at maturity so you must not only be gentle when handling them but also be very careful not to sit or step on them.  They have a single, wavy coat that offers much less shedding and grooming than a dog with a double coat.  Also, their coat is said to be ideal for allergy sufferers.  This breed can come in a variety of colors including black, buff, apricot, gray, silver or white, most have charming, large, dark brown eyes and some have a docked tail.  Their coat can be flat, wavy or curly and it is not uncommon for one litter to produce a variety of coats, textures and colors.


Since the Teacup Cockapoo is so tiny, grooming is a breeze as long as you keep up on it.  A good brushing every day will assure that no tangles have the chance to accumulate and turn into mattes but due to their size, brushing generally only takes a few minutes.  Their ears should be wiped with an acidifying cleanser once a week or so and only bathe them when necessary.  Since they are small and only have one coat, be sure that they are completely dried off so that they do not catch a chill.  Clip their nails when needed and be sure to not cut into the quick.


Training is pretty straight forward with the Teacup Cockapoo.  They are quite intelligent and love to please.  You should be consistent but not overly firm.  This breed is very playful as puppies and they love to learn so teach them as many tricks as you can at an early age.

Health Information

The Teacup Cockapoo has that hybrid vigor that dog owners love so much.  Mixed breeds are usually healthier and have less problems than purebred dogs because the chance of the puppies ending up with negative genetic issues is decreased.

Choosing A Breeder

It is important to find a reputable breeder that will ensure the health of your puppy.  It is quite easy to find a Teacup Cockapoo breeder however, finding a responsible one could be challenging.  Look for a breeder that only has AKC registered parents and that the parents are health screened.  They should also be truthful and knowledgeable about the breed and offer assistance with nutrition, puppy care and house training.  A reputable breeder will be more concerned with the welfare of the puppies than their profit and will carefully screen a potential owner to find a loving, forever home.

Additionally, they should be more than willing to provide you with veterinary references and past puppy owner references as well as welcome you to come visit and observe the environment that the puppies are being raised in.

Are They Right For You?

They are pretty much the perfect breed for anyone looking for a toy-sized dog.  The Teacup Cockapoo is trainable, intelligent, easy going and child-loving which makes them a good match for any age companion.  Also, they get along with all other household pets, however, they are not recommended in a house with large dogs that could do a lot of damage by stepping on them.

They have low exercise demands and are fairly content just running around the house behind you which makes them ideal for apartment living.  If you do have a yard, always be careful to keep a close eye on them as they are small enough to slip through an opening in your backyard fence and escape.  These dogs can be a perfect companion for anyone.




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