All about the teacup Havanese

The teacup Havanese is not an actual breed of dog.  The teacup Havanese actually comes from breeding down with the runts of each litter, a method that many dog breeders have been using for years to create smaller and smaller versions of various breeds of dogs.  Dog breeders essentially breed a female Havanese a couple of different times while she is in heat.  The dogs that are conceived first end up becoming Havanese that are of normal size.  However, the dogs that are conceived the second time they breed the female are born at the same time as the dogs that were conceived earlier.  They can spend up to a week less in the womb than their littermates and end up being much smaller.  This method of breeding to create the teacup Havanese is very controversial among breeders because of the tendency for the teacup variety to have more health problems.

The regular Havanese is already in the toy group, so they are already very small dogs, standing between nine and 11 inches tall.  Most Havanese weigh between eight and 15 pounds, although the teacup variety will be even smaller than this. 

The Havanese has very long and thick fur, which never sheds.  Of course that term “non-shedding dog” is used loosely because essentially, every dog sheds.  However, the Havanese tends to shed very slowly compared to other breeds of dogs.  This is great for those who like to own dogs without having lots of dog fur all over the furniture.  However, it does mean that you will have to give your Havanese regular haircuts. 

The hair of the Havanese is very silky, and this breed of dog will need to be brushed regularly to avoid letting its hair become matted.  The hair is very wavy and tends to attract lint and all kinds of dander, and the best way to get rid of these things is to brush them out.  Many people consider the Havanese to be one of the few hypoallergenic dogs, which basically means that people who are allergic to most dogs are less likely to be allergic to the Havanese.  However, as with all dogs, it’s always possible for someone who has a dog allergy to still present symptoms around a Havanese.  The Havanese breed can be found in a wide variety of colors, and they have small round, black eyes and black noses. 

Many people enjoy owning a Havanese because of the breed’s playful temperament.  Unlike other toy breeds, the Havanese gets along very well with children and will usually greet company in a friendly manner.  The Havanese loves people, and this breed of dog will tend to follow you around the house.  If you tend to be someone who is very busy, make sure that you make time for this dog if you adopt one.  This breed does not like to be in a room alone, so it has a tendency to stop eating in the middle of a meal to follow its owner out of the room. This can be a problem if you don’t take the time sit down with your dog and let it eat.




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